Reagent Test Kits

Buying a test kit can be confusing. Let me help you pick the best one for your budget and needs!

Tip: All test kits are good for 50-75 tests OR one year of use before it expires. Split the price and share the kit with friends!

Note: I collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Thank you for your support!


9-Panel Test Kit – $119

Includes all nine reagents, giving you the most information about the drugs you’re testing. This a great option if you have a higher budget and want to be able to test multiple substances.

6-Panel Test Kit – $89

Includes the six most useful reagents. I recommend this kit if you have a lower budget but still want to test for multiple substances.

MDMA Test Kit – $49.99

Includes the three reagents that are most useful for testing MDMA. This kit will help you distinguish between MDMA, MDA, and 5/6-APB and identify cathinones (i.e., bath salts).

I recommend this kit if you only plan on testing MDMA.

Cocaine Test Kit – $49.99

Includes the three reagents most useful for testing cocaine. This kit will help you detect amphetamines and levamisole (two very common and potentially harmful adulterants) in cocaine.

I recommend this kit if you only plan on testing cocaine.

LSD Test Kit – $20

Includes Ehrlich reagent, which can rule out 25i-NBOMe (a toxic and dangerous substance that is sometimes misrepresented as LSD) from indoles, such as LSD.

I recommend this kit if you only plan on testing LSD.

Ketamine Testing Kit – $20

Includes Morris reagent, which is the first reagent capable of distinguishing ketamine from other dissaociatives. Can also identify cocaine.

I recommend this kit only if you plan on testing ketamine.

Single Reagents – $20 each

While DanceSafe does sell single reagents, I highly recommend getting a kit. Some substances may have similar color reactions when using certain reagents, making it hard to distinguish them from one another. Using multiple reagents will make it easier to distinguish between these substances and potentially identify contaminants. You also save money per bottle when purchasing a kit.


If you can only afford to buy a single reagent, Marquis is the one to get. It is an excellent test for a wide variety of substances, and the first step in both the MDMA and cocaine test kits.


Mecke is an alternative first step in testing MDMA. It can also distinguish between various cathinones (“bath salts”) and help identify many other psychoactive substances.


Simon’s is a secondary test that tells the difference between MDMA and MDA, as well as methamphetamine and regular amphetamine. Simon’s reagent should never be used alone. It should only be used after first testing your sample with Marquis reagent. This is a two-step test and contains two bottles.


Froehde can identify 5-APB and 6-APB, two drugs that are difficult to rule out with the first two reagents in the MDMA kit (Marquis and Simon’s). It can also help identify other new psychoactive substances.


Liebermann can identify levamisole, a veterinary de-worming drug often cut into cocaine, and is the second step in the cocaine kit. In conjunction with our other kits it can also be useful for identifying various cathinones (“bath salts”) and other psychoactive substances.


Mandelin is useful for identifying ketamine. It can also be used as an alternative first step in testing MDMA, and to identify other psychoactive substances. Mandelin can also detect the dangerous drugs PMA and PMMA when no MDMA is present in the sample.


Folin is primarily useful for detecting a class of drugs called piperazines, such as BZP and TFMPP. However, color changes are faint and difficult to distinguish. Not recommended for someone new to testing. Two-step test, contains two bottles.