Drug Checking

Drug checking tools, such as reagent test kits and fentanyl test strips, help people identify drugs purchased in an illicit market. If the test shows the substance contains a harmful contaminant like fentanyl, this information can save their life. Studies show that individuals have a high willingness to use drug checking tools, and information from these tests leads to risk reduction behaviors including changing intentions to use. Below are my tutorials on how to use reagent test kits and fentanyl test strips and links to purchase these tools.

Reagent Testing

Reagents are liquid drops that can be applied to a small sample of a drug and change color, depending on the presence of the substances in the sample. Reagents can only determine the presence or absence of a substance, not the quantity or purity.

Reagent test kit instructions (DanceSafe)


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Fentanyl Testing

Fentanyl test strips are an important step for testing substances for contamination. Because fentanyl is so potent (50-100x more potent than heroin) and can be fatal in very small quantities, reagent testing will not detect it. Fentanyl test strips have been shown to be extremely sensitive if used properly.

Fentanyl test strip instructions (DanceSafe)


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IMPORTANT: Drug use is never 100% safe. Getting a desired result while testing a substance does not make a drug safe to consume. Tests are prone to user error and false positives and negatives. Always proceed with caution when consuming drugs.